September 13, 2009

A Singapore Primary school encourages to practice Tamil99 using w3Tamil Keyboard

Innova Primary School, Singapore encourages among its pupil to use w3Tamil Keyboard's website for their academic activities.

In the school academic curriculum, Primary 1 to 3 pupil are being taught basic touch typing using the Tamil99 keyboard where w3Tamil Keyboard is also developed based on the Tamil99 Keyboard standard.

March 11, 2009

Website of the India Development Gateway keeps an external hyperlink to w3tamil

Website of the India Development Gateway( keeps an external hyper link to in some of it's web pages to give the Tamil typing assistance to it's users.

You can visit those web pages by clicking here.

India Development Gateway is an initiative of Department of Information Technology (DIT), Govt.of India.

Recalling past memories! has been working to provide information and tools to the newcomers of the Tamil Computing/Internet. As a part of the objective, we decided to release a free simple online learning tool to demonstrate about Tamil Keyboard Layouts. Finally, w3Tamil Web Keyboard project (w3TamilWK) was officially started on 1st November, 2006 by 

We have been upgrading our simple web application since 2006 very slowly. By this blog post, we are glad to share some of our important mile stones related the
  • w3TamilWK (v1.0 Beta) launched on 01st November, 2006.
  • w3Tamil Search (v1.0 Beta) service launched on 06th November, 2006.
  • w3TamilWK (v1.1 Beta) released on 01st January, 2007.
  • w3TamilWK (v1.2 Beta) released on 15th January, 2008.
  • First w3Tamil Word Processing Tutorial posted on 12th April, 2008.
  • w3TamilWK completly rewritten in May 2008 for the Beta Version 2.0.
  • Facebook application of the w3TamilWK released in November, 2008.
  • Redesigned w3Tamil Web Keyboard & Search sites released on 10th March, 2009.
We are expecting your valuable suggestions and comments to improve our services.

October 1, 2008

Tamil99 Keyboard - A Flash video guide

A Tamil99 Typing Flash video guide was released by last year. You can download the flash video file from the following URL:
Someone posted the above flash video also on youtube at the following URL:

April 11, 2008 recognizes the w3Tamil Web Keyboard!

Recently, released a Tamil99 Typing Tutor based on our w3Tamil Web Keyboard program codes. It will help to learn and practice the basics of the Tamil99 Keyboard, they added in their released statement.

This Typing Tutor is available at

Earlier, released a Tamil99 Online Writer based on w3Tamil Web Keyboard. They said that it was released to make an awareness about the Tamil99 Keyboard among Internet users.

This writer is available at

January 16, 2008

Thai Pongal Special - w3Tamil Keyboard

Happy New year & Thai Pongal !

Latest version (v1.2 beta) of w3Tamil Web Keyboard has released on 15th January, 2008 with its new features after one year period of gap. Now it supports for the Tamil99 Keyboard standard.


This little web keyboard will help you to write Tamil texts in Tamil Unicode encoding when you are away from your own Tamil Unicode enabled computer - for example in an Internet cafe in a foreign country. Also for users who are not familiar with the Tamil99 keyboard layout, w3TamilWK provides Virtual/onscreen keyboard interface to directly enter the Tamil Unicode text into the text area by clicking mouse on the Web Keyboard.

Also you can use it as a typing tutor to practice the Tamil99 Keyboard Layout Typing without installing any additional software in your computer.

Please have a look on the new version of the web keyboard and let us know your comments.

Thank you for your continued comments and interest in

Kind regards,